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Health and Fitness Is a Decision

My 90 Day Body Transformation: Where I startedFebruary 16th, 2011, I started a 90 day fitness transformation because I started to feel slow, tired, unhealthy, and in the worst shape of my life. Their are many programs out there that you can choose from and I recommend to go out and find the one that fits you best.I have always grown up being active in life throughout grade school and most of my 20′s. I grew up in Martial arts, swimming through high school, and tennis. At the age of 30, I started to let myself go and eat on the go where ever my busy life took me to eat. I didn’t choose what my body needed to stay healthy, instead I chose the food that I wanted emotionally. That can lead to a death trap in most lives and mine wasn’t any different.9 months after my little sister introduced me to an in home cardio program, I started to make a choice to change my life health wise. The first go around was about a 50% commitment and guess what I got out of it? A 25% result! My nutrition wasn’t matching my fitness and what I found out later down the road is that if you want to totally transform your body in both health and fitness and feel better on a daily basis, then you must commit to nutrition. In most people’s opinion including mine, nutrition is 80% of the battle. Without proper eating and a consistent schedule, you will be wasting your time.That is where my battle was, in finding time to make nutrition and fitness happen in my life. I worked Graveyard 2am-8am. Took kids to school and worked my day job from 9am-4pm. When I got home, i was tired and had to sleep to get ready for the next shift which started at 2am again. The truth is, everyone has a busy schedule and where most people fail to even start to improve their life is in the initial decision making to just do it. Just like the popular Nike Saying,”Just Do It!” No matter your schedule and how busy you are, you are not suppose to put you health on the line. Without your health, how good are you? The answer is, not too good. Why do we work so hard and neglect our bodies, cause we are all mentally trained that we must work hard to stay up with life’s busy schedule and then we deserve to relax after the 5pm rush hour, or happy hour.You have to Make a Decision to Change your LifeOkay, enough about that, let’s get down to fitness and health. First you must make the decision to work just as hard on your health than your finances, we already said that. Second, you must make a commitment to do your chosen program no matter what your busy schedule is. Everybody can make time for something they really feel is important in life and people easily can do the complete opposite and procrastinate on the things they think they can live without. Without health, you won’t live as long to enjoy what you work so hard for. To the point, but it’s true. Next, third, you must be consistent and believe you will succeed.Preparing yourself is important. This means choosing the right fitness program that is proven to get you the results you are looking for, planning out your meals according to your program requirements, logging your workouts to see your improvement and letting it be a guide to improvement as each week goes on. These 3 points are vital to know before you start. I love the saying,”If you don’t know where you’re going, How do you know where to Start?”You Must Know Good vs Bad Proteins, Carbs, and FatsProper nutrition will maximize your results more than you will know. If your not eating right, you are wasting your time, and at the end of your fitness program, you will be disappointed in your results and quit for life cause you will think they don’t work. Then you will also look at everyone else’s success story and it will bring you down and make you say that it is a scam, when the truth is, you scammed yourself.Okay what are the things you can eat that will help you and things that won’t…Good Proteins that will help in Fat loss are Chix Breast, Turkey, Cottage Cheese, Egg Whites, Crab, and Salmon.Good Carbohydrates include sprouted grain bread, rice spelt, millet, quinoa, sweet potato with a little butter and cinnamon, and all fruits and vegetables are good to go(the good fiber that are in the fruits and Veggies will actually help you to burn fat faster).How about Fats, yes there are good fats that will help you burn fat faster by eating them. These are avocados, all natural peanut butter(I love PB2), almonds, olive oil, coconut oil, and raw nuts. Good fats will help you burn fat and bad fats will store fat inside you.What i have learned to stay away from are foods high in sugar and processed foods. If you want your liver break down fats in your body, you must stop feeding it processed foods like High fructose syrup, artificial sweeteners, and hydrogenated oils.Now you have an idea of the foods that will help you and the foods that will kill you. One thing is for sure is that whatever you eat, you must enjoy. Just because the food is healthy, doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good. Also, make sure you are eating the right portions in each meal. Usually a portion is the size of your fist. The amount of proteins and carbs that you should be eating per day depends on your weight minus your body fat. So if you have 20% body fat, times that by your total body weight, then minus that number off your total body weight, that is how many grams you need per day in proteins and carbs. (example: 20% X 180lbs= 36lbs of fat inside your body. 180lbs-36lbs of fat=144lbs of lean body weight. You need to eat 144 grams of protein and 144 grams of Carbs per day) Now divide the total grams (144) by how many meals you eat in a day and that is your number (in this scenario, someone who eats 5 times a day will need 28.8 grams each meal to reach 144 for the day)

5 Expert Insider Steps to Begin Transforming Your Health & Body Today!

While yes, our team is born in a world of intense high athletic goals such as bodybuilding, it is not our goal to support people to become bodybuilders – FAR FROM IT!;-) So you can relax now!! But it IS our goal to share with you why the lessons from our experience of mastering human health & the body, & how developing a bodybuilder “mentality” for your own life can literally skyrocket you into a level of personal health you never thought possible, while showing you the shortcuts in how to get there! Sound good? Heck, it sounds GREAT to us, because we already know how it can CHANGE YOUR LIFE.If you are serious about stepping into your greatness of feeling & looking great, take 3 minutes & glean our insight, because this is the single-most MISSING LINK that we see people repeatedly leaving out of their game plan to great health & why they continue to fail at achieving quality health for their lives.When you have had an experience of taking your mental, emotional & physical self to the level that bodybuilding competition requires, as a coach for others it then allows you to see potential for your clients that they could never envision for themselves without you by their side AND TAKE THEM THERE, and that is the beauty of the gift that we REJOICE in offering others in order to achieve optimal health, energy, & joy for their lives. But to get there…to create a successful transformation of your health & body, you HAVE to begin INSIDE with our 5 MUST-HAVE Steps! Yes, that’s right – the focus begins in the MIND. Time & again we see this process work, and it’s our UNIQUE coaching psychology method that sets us apart, & why we are capable of producing jaw-dropping results with the level of motivational mentality we provide. You can have all the knowledge in the world, but if you fail to develop the DESIRE & MINDSET to IMPLEMENT it, you will never succeed.Want the insider view to our winning approach to learn how to transform your own health & body? We’re here to offer you the scoop because it’s our desire to support you fully to achieve authentic, preventative health from the inside, out in your lifetime. So where do we begin? There is a prolific spiritual author named John Maxwell, maybe you’ve heard of him, maybe you haven’t – but he writes of numerous spiritual topics & speaks on how we create TRUE transformation for our lives. Below we adapt his words for our article today because it’s a brilliant synopsis of just why & how we work with clients to coach them through mastering their personal health, as there are so many levels to the process.When we discuss transformation of the physical body, to be successful we cannot deny that mind, body & spirit are woven tightly together in our being & therefore EACH needs to be considered – not just one. Often people when wanting to conquer health or healing goals immediately BEGIN at the physical, they think weight loss, nutrition, exercise…but that is their first step to failure because they’re joining the race before they’ve even laced their shoes!! When we fail to address mind & spirit in the health process we eventually lose the vision of why we’re addressing the physical in the first place & sadly fall off course when interest wanes, times get tough, or we lose our way because the how-to’s become unclear or appear out of reach. But if we start INSIDE & work OUTWARDS friends, GAME ON!!Our 5 Expert Insider Steps to Transforming Your Health & BodySo these 5 KEY STEPS must be addressed in order to achieve a complete & SUCCESSFUL health & body transformation, and they must also be achieved in order as follows…1. When you change your (health & body) thinking, you change your (health & body) beliefs.If you think what you’ve been taught is healthy by the mainstream media is where your learning stops, then don’t expect to achieve great illness-free, authentic preventative health because they don’t teach proactive health approach, they teach reactive wait til you get sick & then act health approach. Begin to change your thinking to change your belief system about your body and health potential.2. When you change your (health & body) beliefs, you change your (health & body) expectations.Once you begin to expand your thinking, start to also seek out experts in areas of health & body who have shown & continue to show PROVEN ABILITY TO CREATE TRANSFORMATION RESULTS in their own health & body that you would like to emulate. Begin to sponge knowledge from them vs. what mainstream media claims leads to great health results, & you’ll in turn raise the bar on what you expect from your own health. You’ll see your new mentor/s are just ordinary people too like you, who decided to blaze their own health path about the quality of health they wanted to achieve for their life by taking the road less followed for their own health in life, and YOU CAN TOO – if you follow in their footprints.3. When you change your (health & body) expectations, you change your (health & body) attitude.Once your mind becomes opened by experts to your new health possibilities, you’ll have a renewed attitude & confidence about your abilities & empowerment around your personal health & begin to realize that anything you put your MIND to, your BODY can achieve -with the right tools in your toolbox. And THAT is exciting!4. When you change your (health & body) attitude, you change your (health & body) behavior.Now that you come to the table with a revitalized health attitude of possibilities & an arsenal from your health mentor, your entire being & behavior begins to shift because your mentor connects you with your own personal ability to achieve great results for your health, and as that continues to happen over and over, your self-efficacy GROWS & GROWS around your capabilities to manage your own personal health, as you transition into your own personal mini-health-expert!5. When you change your (health & body) behavior, YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE.Now that you’ve achieved health & body mastery, you will begin to see an entire energetic, mental & emotional shift in your life that FAR EXCEEDS the physical. Yes, you will look & feel great, but the ways optimal health radiate outwards to all facets of your life will be astounding, as you attain a personal joy in life through health that you’ve never experienced before. No pills, no roller coaster of energy, no food cravings, no more blah approach to life, no more hiding from life within your own body,…you emerge a renewed person, ready to take on your full potential in this life.This list is the perfect example of why health coaching with experienced experts not only WORKS, but offers you AMAZING, permanent results you could never envision or achieve on your own. With the support of your coaches seasoned & proven mentality of success in health & body transformation, you develop a similar mindset, outlook & body of knowledge in order to reach external goals of physical health & body success!